Exploring Markets with Bayris

At Bayris, we think of the global economy as a machine with interconnected gears sensitive to market forces. This is why we've designed Bayris from the start so our forecast models can evolve along with changing economic conditions. Bayris is built on top of a massively-parallel computing framework that re-evaluates the effects of fundamental and macroeconomic factors, every day, to identify new investment risks and opportunities. Our users can explore our up-to-date analysis to see how recent economic events may affect their investments, or they can craft their own custom models that run on our servers.


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    Basic features, plus:

  • 20 portfolios
  • 10 custom models
  • 5 GB data storage

  • Forecast Models
  • 25,000 datasets per model
  • 5,000 datasets per model query

  • Code Models
  • Cuda or OpenCL code models
  • up to 10 outputs per model
  • up to 10 seconds of runtime per model execution
  • Run your code on our servers
  • Access to millions of stock fundamentals and global economic datasets for your models
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    Pro features,
    plus most computing power:

  • 20 GB data storage
  • 20 custom models
  • Automatic nightly model runs

  • Forecast Models
  • 200,000 datasets per model
  • 20,000 datasets per model query

  • Code Models
  • up to 25 outputs per code model
  • up to 30 seconds of runtime per code model execution
  • Run your code on our servers
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  • Bayris

    users can hand-craft their own code (OpenCL) or forecast models to explore how certain economic factors may affect their current or prospective investments. Your models can leverage the vast datasets on our servers, as well as any data you generate via your code models. Each time you run a forecast model, Bayris generates a current snapshot highlighting which relevant economic factors may affect your asset or investment in the near term, and by how much. You can always refine your models to fine tune them to your liking, or to learn through experimentation.

    Want to perform custom analysis or generate data for your forecast models? No problem! You can write and run your code models on our servers to compute the data you need, when you need it. We'll do the difficult work of setting up your code's runtime environment right on our servers, so you can focus on crafting the kernel code. You just need to select which data to use, which data to save, and write your code within Bayris. Bayris saves your project as you work, making sure you don't lose your progress at any time.

  • Pro

    users can also analyze multiple portfolios using our up-to-date models, and can leverage more processing power for their custom code or forecast models. This gives you the power to better serve your customers.

  • Elite

    users have the most processig power. As an Elite user, you may craft up to 20 code or forecast models. Bayris can automatically run your models each night so you see up-to-date results each time you log in. If you re-use your data across various models, our automatic model processing will make sure your model outputs stay up-to-date.

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