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Investing with Clarity

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    Know your risks!
    Bayris gives you transparency into the stock market and economy

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    We run thousands of models, and billions of regressions, every night to compute stock forecasts that account for macro and fundamental risk factors

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    We keep you informed on your portfolio's risk profile

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    Bayris gives you access to U.S. stock market and SEC data, as well as global macroeconomic data

S&P-500 Forecast

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Sample Factors

  • Uzbekistan Inflation % change, Average Consumer Prices

    ⇧ 12.73% since Dec 30, 2017

    Influence on SPY: ⇧ 1.2%

  • Cote d'Ivoire Implied PPP Conversion Rate, LCU per USD

    ⇩ 1.82% since Dec 30, 2017

    Influence on SPY: ⇧ 0.4%

  • Albania Unemployment Rate, % of Total Labor Force

    ⇩ 9.32% since Dec 30, 2017

    Influence on SPY: ⇧ 2.3%

Data Science with Convenience

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    Bayris makes data readily available to you & your models when you need it.

    Just tell Bayris what data you want to use in your models; Bayris takes care of preparing the data before running your model, and saving the results for you after it's done.

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    Bayris is implemented on a solid cluster infrastructure that runs your models on our servers on-demand. Your models and data stay replicated across multiple physical servers for safe keeping.

  • You create and run a model

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  • Bayris finds the relevant datasets

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  • Bayris runs
    your model

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  • Bayris shows you the results

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Built for Quants

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    Models run fast on Bayris, letting you iterate through your thought process
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    Create your own models to investigate what you want; Bayris runs your models for you and shows you the results

Forecast models

  • No-code models, intuitive User Interface
  • Forecast models load and run within a few seconds
  • Models perform forecast regressions across thousands of datasets, and show you the top factors
  • You specify search criteria for the input data, select the forecast target, and Bayris does the rest

Code models

  • OpenCL models can run over 20x faster than Python
  • Perform your custom analysis on our GPUs
  • See your results in seconds
  • Bayris stores the results in our data cluster for your convenience, allowing you to re-use data in other models
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